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Another exclusive from the News of The Screws: charities in fundraising shock March 10, 2010

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From a CWU member at Pell and Bales

A sordid, evil underground group named “The Callers” are asking people to help people that might be worse off than them – our intrepid reporter Lunchtime O’Loan exposes these filthy communists with their ideals of helping others

There is an enemy within our midsts. The phone rings. It could be a relative with some important news , or even more innocently it might be a friendly chap from a reputable satellite TV company wishing to inform you of a fantastic introductory offer on all the sports and movie channels, a HD box and a Marks and Sparks voucher.

Instead it’s a thief trying to get you to part with your money with no benefit to yourself.

I spoke to a frail victim of these deceitful bastards and here’s the full transcript:

Victim: “Well, she asked me how I felt about the earthquake in Haiti. I said its terrible…”

LOL: “Yes, that’s awful..asking you to be concerned about people you know nothing about”

Victim: “No, I said its awful what’s happened to people there. I don’t know how I’d feel if my family had been trapped under rubble, or lost their home, or didn’t have enough to eat…

LOL: “Errr, well…but they did ask you, a poor frail old pensioner…

Victim: “I beg your pardon, I’m only 60 and I’m as fit as fiddle, I’m part of the local ramblers association, what age are you…do you swim 20 lengths every morning…

LOL: “Alright, old fella, stop going on…how much did these thieves ask you for?

Victim: “Ten pound a month”

LOL: “The heartless bastards. This is what the News of the Screws are trying to expose, these scum…

Victim: “I said I couldn’t do a tenner, but would five be alright…

LOL: “They tricked you…

Victim: “I mean, I have a few pints lunchtime after me swim and one less would probably do me a favour”

LOL: “…and they conned you into giving your bank details…”

Victim: “ Always happy to give me details, I do everything on Direct Debit, I’ve no problems.

LOL (turning to his colleague) “I thought you said you had a willing punter…(tape turned off)

[That’s enough of that – Ed]

The man ultimately responsible for the disgraceful attack on our workforce that appeared in the News of the World on 14 February, Rupert Murdoch, Chairman of News Corporation, cares so much for pensioners that even though his wealth is reputed to be in the region of £4bn and he is on the Forbes List as being the 131st richest man on the planet that he pays as little as possible to public funds.

In 1999, The Economist reported that Newscorp Investments had made £11.4 billion ($20.1 billion) in profits over the previous 11 years but had not paid net corporation tax. It also reported that after an examination of the available accounts, Newscorp could normally have been expected to pay corporate tax of approximately $350 million. The article explained that in practice the corporation’s complex structure, international scope and use of offshore tax havens allowed News Corporation to pay minimal taxes.

Murdoch and his family and pals that run his media empire are no friends of working people. His media outlets from The Sun and the News of the World to Sky and his rags around the world have attacked the trades unions of his own workers. The Sun and the News of the World are no more than a handbook for every sexist, homophobic and racist bully.

CWU Pell and Bales rejects the filth peddled by these media barons and fully supports any worker that is damaged by their sensationalist nonsense.



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