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CWU activist suspended at Pell and Pales April 20, 2010

Posted by callcentreworker in charity calls.

EMERGENCY MEETING; Wednesday 21st April; From 9.15pm; At the Royal Star, 220 City Road (past Moorfields Eye Hospital)

This afternoon (April 19th) CWU activist and Staff Representative, Sam Deane was suspended pending an investigation.
There was another staff rep present whilst Sam was informed by the HR Director, alongside the Campaign Centres Director (CCD) and the OS2 Campaign Centre Manager (CCM), the reason that the disciplinary procedure was being invoked against him.

This follows four previous high-profile sackings of union activists at Pell and Bales, each one of them re-instated following a campaign.

The major concern raised on each of these occasions was that management were anxious as they did not recognise a trade union, there was no room for the union on the staff representatives (nb: this is not what ACAS advise)
At the latest meeting last year, this was queried by other union and staff representative, why did the company not recognise trade unions?

Despite the fact that the Chief Executive of Pell and Bales held two meetings with CWU national and branch officials in 2008, and that he held meetings with the Section Chair and Section Vice-Chair during my enforced absence that same year, strangely these Senior Managers told us that they were not aware of any formal approach by the union.

Pell and Bales refusal to recognise the CWU is all the more strange since the company was born raising money for the Labour Party, from which it receives significant financial contributions from the unions, including the CWU.

The only crime it seems that Sam has committed is being an effective staff representative and an honest and principled CWU member.

For now, please email messages of support to Sam back to londoncallcentres@gmail.com  and we will forward them to him. As someone that has been through what Sam is going through, such support means a lot.
We have called an emergency union meeting for Wednesday 21st April.




1. Steve - April 22, 2010

Can someone from CWU get on to labourstart.org so that they can mount an email campaign!

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