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report of London call centre workers’ meeting June 16, 2009

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by Jack Staunton

On Saturday evening two dozen call centre workers from around London attended a meeting to discuss how we can best organise together. Although in the UK there are now some 750,000 people working in various types of call centre (such as sales, service calls and market research), very few are unionised. Employment is often very precarious, and the high turnover of staff in many workplaces means it can be difficult to organise, even though semi-casual work on low pay, along with management behaviour and petty rules, give plenty of reasons for us to do so.

The meeting took place as an extension of the AGM of the CWU branch at the Pell and Bales charity call centre in Old Street. Workers from another Pell and Bales site, as well as CCA International (sales), IFF (market research) and Listen (charity fundraising) attended to share experiences of standing up to zealous managers and recruiting people to the union, as well as to plan ahead to co-ordinate our organising initiatives. (more…)


where to work? April 1, 2009

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With over 750,000 employees in the UK, call centres are on the up, and can be one of the easiest places to find work, particularly if you don’t want to – or can’t – work 9-5 five days a week.

However, many are affected by the recession and those where workers are on very casual contracts are likely to make it hard for you to find any regular shifts at this point in time.

So we have set up a section on this site called Working in London, with details on where work is going at the moment and what conditions are like. There are hundreds of different call centres in London in sales, market research and charity calling, and for this to be effective we’ll look to cover as many workplaces as possible and keep the details up to date.

Help us do this by writing comments on the page or emailing londoncallcentres@gmail.com. Where do you work? What work is done there? What are the conditions, and what are the managers like?